An early morning ride can raise the spirits before the working day. If you go with a friend – or family, as is the case for this video – there’s much more to the adventure than exercise alone…


– A video by Rob Arnold



There’s a lot I could say about this ride but really this entry in the #RideDiary is just to introduce a video that reminds me of how nice it is to be on the bike with my 16-year-old son.

Cycling has been a big part of my life but that doesn’t mean I force it upon my kids. If they want to ride, it’s their choice. Of course, I love it when they ask, “Hey dad, can we go for a ride?” It happened a lot when they were young; we’ve been many places together on our bikes, seen many things… and I’ve watched with pleasure as they developed their skills.

Things are getting busy for me, with the production of the Official Tour de France Guide (2022 Australian edition) well underway, but it was a great to hear that question again last week. Can we go for a ride? Absolutely!

It was a short trip to Centennial Park and back home, a chance for Louis to sample a review bike, and an hour well spent. We got a little bit of exercise, but that wasn’t the only benefit of a quick ride before work.

If you ride, you know it’s easier to get work done if you’ve cleared your mind and raised your spirits before setting off to the office.

This is the story of my ride on a Friday morning during the school holidays. It’s not racing. It’s not pro cycling. It’s not a product review. But it is something special that I’d encourage every parent to do.


– By Rob Arnold


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