Many thoughts emerge when you are on the bike. On Tuesday the forecast was for good weather, prompting an early start. This is the story of my ride.


– A blog and video by Rob Arnold



There is plenty of dialogue in the video about my ride to Cottage Point and back to Sydney. The catalyst for the adventure was simple: get on the bike and enjoy the fine weather. That was also the only plan for the day.

Eventually I found myself riding up the Pacific Highway, but only because the conditions were clear when I made the decision to follow that road north. Within a few minutes, traffic began to build, and the mood started to shift – from bright and optimistic, to frustrated and, at times, even fearful.

There’s no need to add a long commentary for the introduction. This is a video that I’m really quite proud of even if I drift from happiness to annoyed and back numerous times during what turned out to be a 97km Tuesday morning ride in superb conditions. Not a breath of wind, a spirit of adventure, and a destination that impresses me with every visit.

These are some of the highlights.

This was a ride with a mix of emotions with commentary about the good and bad of cycling in Sydney. If you watch, I hope you enjoy.


– Rob