Being able to ride on roads that were largely free of traffic for a few days was one of the gifts for cyclists of the world championships in Wollongong. This is an intro to the first of my two ascents of Mount Keira on the morning of the elite women’s road race.


– A video by Rob Arnold



A ride up Mount Keira to the west of Wollongong is always a treat to the senses. With sights, sounds and smells of the Australian bush on offer within a few minutes of leaving the city, this part of Dharawal country is beautiful any time of the year. It comes alive in spring and it is highly advisable to sample some of fantastic bush walks in the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation area.

For cyclists, the road is now much smoother than before the championships, with fresh bitumen laid in time for the racing in September 2022; this is one legacy of #Wollongong2022… but so too is the reality that Mount Keira has now been seen around the world, with images of the action showcasing what a gorgeous part of the world this is.

Ordinarily this lookout, a short walk into the bush off Harry Graham Drive, offers spectacular views of Wollongong, Lake Illawarra and surrounds… but on the Saturday morning of the worlds it was covered in mist.

I have ridden up Mount Keira more times than I can recall and it is always special.

The Mount Keira loop was first used at the world championships on the Saturday of the final weekend when it was raced over by the elite women, relatively early in the itinerary that also included a start in Helensburgh, crossing of the Sea Cliff Bridge and, later, six laps of the ‘City Circuit’ at Mt Pleasant.

Click the link above to watch another video about another ride up Mount Keira.


– Rob 



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