‘The story of my bike’ is a new series that we’ll be publishing on RIDE Media’s YouTube channel. This is part one, about Rob Arnold’s new Focus Cayo…

The process of getting a new bike can be a simple one: go to bike shop, select appropriate model and colour, hand over cash… ride away. Or it can become a little more complex if you opt to build a frame up from scratch.

As the owner of a cycling media company, the selection of a new bike can be quite an ordeal for there is a wealth of choice – and, frankly, there’s a long history of testing products. When faced with a vast selection, it’s difficult to commit to a decision on one item over another.

The time has come, however, to go through the process and so I’m going to tell the story about my new bike as it comes together…

From unboxing to the workshop to the first ride and beyond – there is plenty to talk about.

In this series we consider a range of topics and tell a few anecdotes along the way.


– By Rob Arnold


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