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Masaki Ogawa

Retail manager 

  • Age: 32.
  • Height: 174cm.
  • Weight: 53kg.

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The bike?

“I have had this Canyon Aeroad CF 9.0 for a while now. It’s the 2012 model and I have been very happy with it since I bought it. It looks a bit different to the current model Aeroad but it still does the job for me.

“The new Aeroad gives me the impression that it is more aerodynamic and probably heavier than Canyon’s Ultimate so if I were to buy a new Canyon, the Ultimate would be my choice. 

“I am only very light so I love climbing and want to do it as quickly and easily as possible. The Canyon Ultimate would help with that, I think. Still, I think I will own this bike for a while. I have a few different wheelsets I use for different occasions so can call upon them to make this bike an all-rounder.

“My bike is a little bit special because I have Joaquim Rodriguez’s signature on it. He is a very good rider and I really like to watch him race. He came to Japan for the Canyon Japan launch event two years ago and was happy to sign my bike. He is a very nice man. Such a gentleman.”


The Groupset?

“I use power to train and race so I attached the Rotor InPower on my bike. I like the Q-Rings and I thought I could use power to add to my riding efficiency. I am always watching my power but sometimes I still heat up and blow up! That’s riding though I suppose…

“I like these wheels (Mavic R-Sys) but sometimes I use Zipp wheels. I use the 404s – they are so fast and look excellent on this bike! I love them but I know that when I travel it’s probably safer to pack alloy rims. Mavic makes nice wheels and an alloy braking surface is preferable when riding up – and especially down – European mountains.

“I like Campagnolo Chorus on this Canyon. The black on black looks great and Campag’s smooth drivetrain and shift quality suits me well.

“I am using a 12-29 tooth cassette and 52/36 tooth chainring combination. I am quite light so I find that I can climb most mountains with these gears.

“The bike and I have been through a lot together.”


Kilometre count?

“I bought this bike four or five years ago. I have probably ridden 30,000 to 40,000 kilometres on it.”


Good points?

“It’s a very nice bike. It is not so stiff but I have low power so that does not bother me so much. It has a bit of spring to it to help me as I climb up hills. I like to climb.”


Bad Points?

“The bike came with Campagnolo Chorus and the only thing I changed on the bike was the saddle, crank and handlebars, bars and stem. This is my only bike and it is the only one I need. It can climb but I also feel at home on the flat.”

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