On the opening day of the 2021 Australian road cycling championships in Victoria, two 20-year-olds who began their racing careers with the Brunswick Cycling Club claimed gold medals in the elite time trials.

Team Tibco-SVB’s young superstar, Sarah Gigante, averaged 42.2km/h for the 28.6km course to beat Grace Brown by 17 seconds, with Nicole Frain earning bronze almost four minutes behind Gigante.


– Photos by Jean-Pierre Ronco (Image Writer Photography) –


The podium of the 2021 elite women’s time trial (left to right, above): Grace Brown, Sarah Gigante and Nicole Frain. 


1.Sarah Gigante* (Team Tibco–Silicon Valley Bank)
28.6km in 40:4142.2km/h
2.Grace Brown (Team Bike Exchange)+16.9
3.Nicole Frain (Sydney Uni – Staminade)+3:57.8
4.Danielle De Francesco (Specialized Women’S Racing)+4:06.7
5.Alana Forster+4:07.4
6.Lisa Jacob (KOM Financial Knights Of Suburbia)+4:09.8
7.Jenny Pettenon+4:20.7
7.Emily Watts* (KOM Financial Knights Of Suburbia)+4:20.8
9.Anya Louw* (ARA – Pro Racing Sunshine Coast)+4:45.0
10.Amber Pate (SASI)+4:46.4
11.Bree Wilson (Roxsolt Liv SRAM)+5:10.8
12.Hayley Jones+5:16.2
13.Maeve Plouffe* (ARA – Pro Racing Sunshine Coast)+5:53.4
14.Catelyn Turner* (Sydney Uni – Staminade)+6:23.9
15.Sophie Edwards* (ARA – Pro Racing Sunshine Coast)+6:42.1
16.Imogen Alton+8:07.9
17.Katarina Chung-Orr* (SASI)+8:20.5
18.Stephanie Corset* (Veris Racing)+8:37.9
19.Liliana Mclennan*+8:45.0
20.Paula Schulz+9:47.1
21.Olivia Sens*+10:07.5
22.Ashlee Jones* (Specialized Women’S Racing)+10:47.3
23.Celia Cowan*+16:33.9