We continue our ‘Talking Cycling’ series: and this time, the interview candidate is a rower.

Gearoid Towey is an Olympian. At least he was. Now he is working on a project called ‘Crossing The Line’ which focusses on life for athletes… after competition.


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In 2017 the 39-year-old who has been based in Sydney will work for the US-registered Cannondale-Drapac team as a ‘wellness consultant’.

Again, it’s a long interview (for YouTube) but in the 30 minute edit some themes are explored that make for interesting discussion. Towey considers what it’s like for the retiring athlete – and explains his take on the difficulties of adjusting from a sporting career into the ordinary world.

The discussion takes place at the end of October. The Olympics have recently concluded and Anna Meares had only just announced her retirement after an amazing career. We consider how the Olympic flag bearer from Rio might cope with the adjustment phase after so many years of racing.




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Publisher’s note

These interviews are part of the process of building content for our magazine (and other media). In the discussions we’ve had – with the likes of Jörg JakscheMichael DrapacPaul CrakeSarah UlmerRebecca WiasakAllan Peiper, Craig Alexander, etc – many themes have been explored.

The aim is to provide content that’s relevant to cyclists and cycling fans and present it in a simple, digestible format that allows people to feel as though they are almost part of the conversation. 

The hope is that people will watch while doing an indoor trainer session, or just instead of watching yet another cooking show… or whatever else finds its way onto the television.

The interviews so far have all been unscripted and the line of questioning follows the discussion – rather than there being a preconceived notion of what needs to be talked about.

The ‘Talking Cycling’ discussions are divided up into ‘chapters’ but published in one long ‘show’.


We encourage your feedback so that the production process can be refined to suit the ‘market’. Tell us: what do you like? 

What would you like to hear about?

How would you like it to be presented…? Long format? Short format? Divided into topics, or chapters, or subject categories?


I look forward to receiving your comments and continuing to present an eclectic mix of content for cyclist and cycling fans.

– Rob